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  • Pore Me!

    Microneedling is designed to revitalize the skin using its natural ability to heal itself by stimulating the body's own collagen production to reduce the appearance of lines/wrinkles, poor elasticity, stretch marks, and scars. Another beautiful skin care option to "work out" the skin without suffering any downtime. 60 min. $200
  • Pore Magic!

    Package it up as a series of 3 (recommended monthly), and you'll take home up to 4 full size products, valued between $150-200 to keep your skin in optimal health - because I care what you put on your skin. :)    3 - 60 min treatments $600
  • Cloud Mine!

    Add a Pepti Nano mask that intensely hydrates and helps transfer active peptide serums during your treatment to amplify results. Your skin will feel absolutely INCREDIBLE!! Trust me, I couldn't keep my hands off my face (for 3 days!).                                                                        30 min add-on $50 with microneedling service                                     15 min add-on with any other facial service (replaces regular mask and adds additional time - more massage please!) 
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