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  • Pick Me Up!

    This facial is hydrating, lifting, and firming - good for ALL skin types!  It has natural lighteners and brighteners, peptides and plant stems, as well as anti-inflammatory and wound-healing ingredients, all of which make this an ideal facial for anyone wanting to tighten and revitalize their skin.  60 minutes for $90. 

  • Calm It Down!

    Nurture your dry/dehydrated skin back to health.  This facial is packed with healing botanicals, plant enzymes, gold and silver minerals, poly peptides, and plant stem cells to reverse the effects of aging, deeply hydrate, and re-build youthful-looking skin.  Perfect for environmentally damaged, dry/dehydrated, and sensitive/rosacea skin. 
    60 minutes for $90

  • I Need Balance!

    This facial is ideal for combination skin types.  With salicylic acid and a gentle refining mask under steam, the skin will get nicely prepped for light extractions.  A finishing mask will revitalize the skin.  Finally, a potent nightly resurfacing serum for age prevention, correction, and acne, will complete the treatment.
    60 minutes for $90

  • Clear Me Up!

    This facial is perfect for acne relief.  Salicylic and Glycolic acids, tea tree, and anti-inflammatory ingredients team up to kill bacteria and help heal and soothe the skin while fading visible redness.  Steam will be used with a clay mask to help open pores and prepare the skin  for extractions.  Extra care will be used to kill bacteria of active lesions by use of high frequency.  A finishing mask for calming and soothing will follow.  Anti-inflammatory peptides for acne, and Vitamin C with L-Carnosine top off this clarifying facial.
    60 minutes for $90

  • Route 33!

    When getting from here to there is more important than the journey. More like a staycation, we'll focus on either deep cleaning or hydration.
    30 minutes $55

  • Got Your Back!

    This wonderful 45 minute back treatment will refresh the skin you can't reach. It starts with a dry brushing of the skin, then an exfoliating sugar scrub.  Follows with extractions (if needed), and finishes with an appropriate treatment mask (usually hydrating). Oh, and yes, there happens to include massage on the back, scalp, and feet.
    Oh my! $75

  • Mind Eraser!

    The ULTIMATE facial: 90 minutes of pure bliss! This service includes a customized facial AND a relaxing back treatment. If you don't know what a back treatment is, read 'Got Your Back!' above. This is the best of both worlds!  $125
    Warning: if you have this treatment, you may never want to go back to a 60 minute facial.

  • The Gentleman's Facial

    This facial really packs a punch as it tightens, firms, clarifies, and hydrates to refresh and sculpt all skin types! Also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles while soothing sensitive skin. It delivers (and drops the mic)!
    45 minutes $75.         


  • Oxygen Facial

    This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.  Absolutely AMAZING!
    60 minutes $100



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